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Strokes Moustache…

9 Jan

Grand Coulee Dam is the largest dam in the United States and in the top 5 largest dams of the world. It is the largest electric power-producing facility in the United States. The short list of things to do around it include…

  • laser light show projected onto the mile-long screen of the dam’s spillway.
  • tour of the dam
  • swimming, jet skies, inter-tubing, water skiing, etc. on Lake Roosevelt
  • hiking Steamboat Rock
  • waterfall hunting and viewing near Banks Lake

I lived in Grand Coulee for 9 brief months and then 30 minutes away in Wilbur for 4 years. All of the towns in the area were used to and took good care of the thousands of tourists these sights drew. My family eagerly absorbed every piece of information we could and took in every sight we could. We were just so excited to get to live near such a famous place! As we shared our giddy delight we were surprised to learn that some natives had never done what we were doing. They had every opportunity to experience something amazing, but because it was near them and they were used to it they didn’t consider it amazing.

I have to confess that I have committed the same sin against my new home, Northeast Oklahoma. I have never had lunch at the Pink House. 2011, my 10th year in Oklahoma, was the first year I went to the Gilcrease Art Museum. This is unacceptable. Therefore, I’m setting the goal of being a tourist in my neck of the woods. I’m going to Google things. I’m going to ask all the obvious, stupid questions I can think of. I’m going to ask for directions and recommendations. I’m going to photograph all the sights I’ve driven past without a thought before. Mostly, I’m going to stroke my moustache and scheme.

Schemer specifically and social media generally is what is motivating this great resolution. I’ve mentioned this local phenomenon before.

It’s interesting how social media has made my life both more global and more local. I communicate with people all over the world based on common interests, but then I’m inspired to actually live out those interests locally. Someday, dire warnings about replacing social life with social media will sound as outrageous people who claimed homeschoolers wouldn’t know how to function in society.

My excitement about Schemer is growing. I like being on the bleeding edge of things (gives a false sense of importance—gotta feed the ego) and Schemer is definitely new. Like most newly-launched Google products it’s invite only. Let me know if you want one. I haven’t found any Claremore schemes besides my own. There are few in Tulsa and Oklahoma City but not many. I get to be the trendsetter for Oklahoma Schemes!

Schemer still needs a lot of work. Schemes need to be linked to search results in Google Places. Sharing to Google+ is a basic sorely missing, but I would like to see integration to other social networks. Conspirators will need to ‘synchronize watches’ which means integration with Google Calendar. Once a scheme is completed there needs to be a way to add photos of the fun time had by all. These should have a special album on Google+ just like mobile uploads and photos from posts do. I have more ideas but I think I will save them for a Google+ post. Look for it there!

Mobile & Future-Tense

26 Dec

I’m a huge fan of original content. I try to keep all of my personal and business social accounts (with the exception of Pinterest)  at least 75% original content (please don’t go run a calculation on my stream. That’s a rough guess.) However, this article was so good that I didn’t want you to miss out. I can tell it was good because it got me thinking and connecting it with other ideas in my head. Please give it a read and then read my response here.

Why Real World Socializing is the Next Big Thing for Social Media by Rene Pinnell

Although Rene doesn’t explicity state it, a theme that emerges for me is that online communications are the catalyst for offline action. Example: Have you ever seen pictures of people owling or planking? This online trend faciliated an entire evening of fun for my family and uncle’s family of doing both at once.

Top to bottom: Nathan, Naomi, Caleb, Isaac, Samuel, Joshua, Ethan

This is a particularly interesting example in that five of the participants and spectators were either inactive or absent entirely from any online social networks. Your actions can be influenced by social media whether you participate or not!

Most of my restuarant choices are driven by my Foursquare friends. My book and movie choices have always been driven by friend recommendations, but now they come via Facebook. I could go on and on, but you see the point.

The disconnect that Rene points out is that right now social networks can only document what we’re doing away from our computer screens. Social media can only talk about it before and after the fact. Anyone who has tried to live tweet an event knows that mobile can’t solve this entirely. In order to document something you lose part of the live experience. This is true even of older technologies. Have you ever felt like you missed an event simply because you were so busy videotaping it?

This is where Rene brings in the concept of adding a future-tense layer in social media. Basically, this would allow social media to be an even better catalyst for offline activity than it is now. In my mind this immediately connected with three services I’m alreadying using: Google+, Schemer, and Foursquare.

  • Google+: if I’m going to plan activities online I don’t want to handle the social drama of deciding who can come and who should know. Google+ circles are the answer.
  • Schemer: Rene looks very ignorant for writing an article about Schemer without mentioning them by name. If he had written it 2 months ago though he would have been prophetic. Schemer obviously is still in its infancy, but the possibilities here are huge.
  • Foursquare: Facebook recently launched a messenger app to work in conjunction with its primary mobile app. What if Foursquare had a messenger app? You could invite friends to check-in at a certain place at a certain time and it would notify the venue of your plans. You could choose the privacy level of both the event and of the messages. It would be both a social calendar and a reservations system.

One final thought. I haven’t yet tried the apps Rene and team have created: foreca.st and Hurricane Party. I have downloaded foreca.st and will let you know how it goes! I thought it was highly commendable fo Rene to write an article that is so close to his product without once pitching his apps. Cheers, Rene!

Futuristic Musings

15 Dec

I like change. I enjoy contemplating what the future will be like, even if it doesn’t turn out that way. Here’s some of my musings in regards to social media and business.

NFC-enabled FourSquare check-ins will eventually make our current Foursquare check-ins look so laborious and old school.

I wonder if the word ‘niche’ is going to be replaced with ‘hashtag’. So, instead of trying to find your niche market you’ll hunt for the right hashtag. Or maybe it will be circle. “I found the perfect circle for my product!” Like so.

Even before it was my job/business, I loved being part of something new. I got my Google+ invite from David Reagan on July 12th and it actually kind of irks me that I didn’t ask for it in June (the first month it was available). I recently signed up for two new things: Wahooly and Schemer. I have my doubts about Wahooly, but I was too curious to say no. I do think Kickstarter will become the go-to way for artists, particularly Indie. Look at what Five Iron Frenzy did!

Schemer, Google+, and Google Calendar need to integrate in a big way. It would beat Facebook events black and blue.

Google should buy Get Glue in order to use it with Latitude and Schemer. That might give it a bit of an edge with Foursquare. Letting Dennis and Alex get away from them has got to be one of Google’s biggest mistakes.

Smartphones need to improve drastically at reading QR codes. There’s enormous potential there but it does try ones patience! Speaking of which…

Did your college also have those bulletin boards covered in flyers? Eventually, those will be nothing but pieces of paper with headlines and QR codes.

If you have a fairly complicated medical condition you could build a website telling paramedics about it and then tattoo a QR code for that website on your forearm or something.

QR codes could also replace those little tags kids wear ‘My mommy’s phone number is…’

It’s interesting how social media has made my life both more global and more local. I communicate with people all over the world based on common interests, but then I’m inspired to actually live out those interests locally. Someday, dire warnings about replacing social life with social media will sound as outrageous people who claimed homeschoolers wouldn’t know how to function in society.

How long do you think the Galaxy Nexus will be outrageously expensive? I’m hoping not long.

I wrote yesterday on Google+ about redundant background checks. Now I’m thinking of ways to make it social. What if you put up all your background check costs on Kickstarter?

Raquel Beaty, my soon-to-be-sister-in-love (her sister is marrying my brother), had her Google account briefly suspended yesterday. It was a mishap and was quickly set right, but my mother, Janet Bavido, pointed out that it was similar to having your mailbox ripped out by the US Post Office. Which left me pondering A, how long is the USP going to limp along? and B, when will email become a property owner’s right, like snail mail?

Thank you for wandering through these musings with me. What do you think about the future?