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T-Minus 11 Days

3 Jan

I haven’t talked about myself much on this blog, so you probably don’t know that I have a brother.

Named Samuel

who can be goofy…

The other dude is also a brother. I have quite a few.

and ninja scary…

Note: official ninja policy is to keep your own blood inside your body...

and all other kinds of awesome. This might just be little-sister worship, but other people have mentioned his awesomeness.

And said awesome brother named Samuel has wooed himself a girl.

named Jarita

She is also all kinds of awesomeness

and a good deal prettier than Samuel.


And on January 21st awesomeness will collide in beautiful, awesome ways when they get married!

Taken on Mother's Day right after she said 'Yes!'

So, what happens in 11 days? On January 14th I have to have ALL my ducks in a row so I can leave for the barren winter wastelands of Wisconsin for the week of wedding preparation and general goofiness with all of these people.

All of Samuel's immediate family and all of Jarita's immediate family

Needless to say, things are getting a little hectic. This is obviously a lot of people to have in semi-matching clothes, for starters! I certainly hope to continue blogging through most of this, but I make no guarantees especially in regards to length of posts. You have been warned.

Social Art

28 Dec

I was in a creative mood today, but still had to work. If I can’t actually be artistic today I shall at least blog about art, so here are some thoughts about how an artist can use social media effectively.

Feast for the Eyes

People love to look at art. And it is important that they get to look at art in a format designed to compliment it.

Example: Flickr: Flickr has everything you could ever desire for photos. Some of my favorite features are…

  • Tags, a way to describe the elements of a photo. This is also how you search for photos.
  • Sets, a way to group your photos according to whatever theme or criteria you set.
  • Nuanced privacy controls, including type of copyright license, viewing privacy controls, and ability to turn off downloads of photos.

How can a visual artist use Flickr?

  • Portfolio
  • Boosting of search engine returns by distributing images through Creative Commons
  • Secure cloud storage of photos
  • Proofing of orders for customers

Flickr Tip: The best way to get is to give. The more you comment on other people’s work the more attention your work attracts. You’ll find the Flickr community to be a warm and welcoming crowd.

Personalize, Customize, and Switch it Up

People love to consumne media in a customized format. Any piece of art is more fun when it can be interacted with by putting it in our own frame with original commentary.

Example: Pinterest. Pinterest is the digital equivalent of cutting pictures out of a magazine and gluing them into a notebook. My favorite features are…

  • Boards which allow you to categorize everything. It’s an organization dream–nothing can be out of place!
  • Ability to like, comment on, or repin any pin. Express your level of rapture precisely!
  • Share to other social networks as much or as little as you want.
  • Post your own original content or just enjoy everyone else’s.

How can an artist use Pinterest?

  • Reach out to a niche customer
  • Target women consumners (vast majority of Pinterest users are female)
  • Promote all styles of  your work without diluting any section

Pinterest tip: Watermark all your pins with your web address or Twitter handle. Original creator information is easiy lost on Pinterest due more to format than carelessness or maliciousness.

Open-Door Studio

People love the secrets of the back stage. We appreciate the process of creation almost as much as we do the final product.

Example: YouTube. I doubt I have to tell you what it is. 😉 Best features…

  • Free
  • Easy to use
  • Linked to the mighty Google search engine
  • Opportunity for monetization

Let’s think outside the typical watercolor artist or photographer. Who else can use YouTube for a glimpse into their studio?

  • Fiber artists
  • Sculpture artists
  • Florists
  • Hairstylers
  • Makeup artists
  • Stage designers
  • Prop makers
  • Refurbishers and restorerers

YouTube tip: Edit, edit, edit, and then edit again. We want to see behind the scenes, but we don’t want to watch the paint dry.

Go Live

Everyone wants a piece of face-to-face interaction with the star. They want a personal touch.

Example: Hangouts the video chat feature of Google+. Features…

  • All the cool video elements of Skype but for free
  • Chat with up to 9 other devices.
  • Broadcast and record events on YouTube
  • Take the intimacy of a private back-stage tour global

What can artists use Hangouts for? How about?

  • Concerts–intimate feel of just 10 people but still able to reach as many as a stadium would hold.
  • Comedic acts–guaranteed audience interaction
  • Portraiture, caricature, and cartooning
  • Interviews
  • Business meetings
  • Collaboration and brainstorming with a shared Google Doc or Doodle

Hangout Tip: Involve all 9 people in the conversation and don’t forget the chat box on the left hand side.

Weapons of Mass Marketing!

15 Dec

I picked up my push cards and business cards from RCP Print Solutions today! They did an excellent job and prompted this pictorial blog, which might remind you of this post.

Note: These aren’t for mass distribution at all. They’ll be handed out individually. But it was just so much fun to yell ‘Weapons of Mass Marketing!’

First, we see two boxes wrapped in a trench coat.

Latest fashion for cardboard boxes? Trench coats

Why are the wrapped in a trench coat? Because this is what it looks like outside.

Not the best day to pick up printed materials, eh?

Big box is a sales push card and small box is business cards.

Insert clever caption here. 😉

First the business cards…

Does it bother your inner OCD person that they're not straight?

Yep, that's me.

Next, the big box!

In politics this type of card is called a push card, so that's what I'm calling this.

All together, in a mighty team, my weapons of mass marketing!

Cue the theme music!

The Box

7 Dec

One of the things I love about social media is the way we can share the fun and enjoyment of a process with someone else. Today I started on an intro sales hook. Here’s the process through pictures. I knew what I was unwrapping, but seeing something on the internet sales site and actually getting are 2 different things.

It's like Christmas!

It all starts with a box I find waiting on my desk when I get home from my weekend road trip. It feels like Christmas almost!

And then we opened it and saw…

Yes, I stood on my chair for this shot.

Aren’t the shells pretty?

I was so tickled they hadn't broken!

The plot thickens...

Corks, small umbrellas, sand?  What could it be? What’s under it?

50 Bottles

Let's put some things inside the bottle!

The dolrod is to help you roll your message so that it will fit inside the bottle. Tying the ribbon was really hard.


Now that I put it together I wish I had two ribbons–one to tie in the middle and one near the top that makes it easier to pick it up.

This is not quite the finished product. It still needs a mailing label.

The message reads:

How likely would this message have been to reach you if it had been set adrift in Lake Claremore?

How likely is your message to reach your customers through traditional means?

Look for a call from Anna Bavido of Magic Bottle Marketing. She would like to talk to you more about ‘bottles’ and (personalized with business name).

I’ll be sending these out just as fast as I can get them put together.