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Social Media Tulsa Conference 2012

13 Mar

March 15th and 16th, this Thursday and Friday, is the second annual Social Media Tulsa Conference! I am so excited to get to attend AND live plus it! Here some basic intro information and what sessions I am most excited for!

What is Social Media Tulsa?

Social Media Tulsa (or #SMTulsa) started as a monthly meetup group (which it still is!) and has grown into a website, social media accounts, a support and ideas network, a digital Chamber of Commerce of sorts, AND a conference!

The conference will be at the downtown Tulsa Hyatt and start with registration at 9 am Thursday with the keynote following at 10 am. It’s a nonstop partying classroom all that day and the next! There will be a blogger’s lounge, keynotes, breakout sessions, a showing of Twittamentary, a Tweetup, and as many Google+ Hangouts as I can squeeze in!

What’s exciting?

Mandy Vavrinak

My friend Mandy Vavrinak will be talking about the Relevance Revolution on Thursday right after lunch. We use people’s opinions and experiences as time saving mechanism all the time. Now, that advice is filtered through social media–and it went global! But I’m sure Mandy will have more interesting things to say about it. 🙂

Next on the list is Who Let the Dogs Out? or Social Pets at 1 on Friday. Why? Because I’m a dog person. 🙂


And then I’m torn because overlapping the amazing rollerblading dog is a Pinterest support group, which just sounds like too much fun! Any ideas on how to do both?

What will you be adding to the event?

I will be live plussing as many sessions as I can attend and type out notes for!

I will be doing as many Google+ Hangouts as time allows. I want to introduce Plussers to Tulsa and Tulsans to Google+!

Circle me on Google+ and let me know you want in the #SMTulsa circle in order to catch all this goodness!

Wow! What should I do now?

You should register for the conference on EventBrite and support the amazing sponsors who make this possible! You should also send karma to Cheryl Lawson who asked me to live plus the conference!

This year’s sponsors include Party Aficionado, Cherry Street Studios, Social Media Examiner, Captured Charms Photography, Tulsa Humane Society, Focus Consulting, Kalvin Kleen Mobile Marketing, MyMedLab, Tulsa Food Guy, Skinny Scoop, Apartment Guide, Other World Computing, Vocus, Summerside Vineyards, Natural Balance Pet Food, and Concord Keystone.

The Box

7 Dec

One of the things I love about social media is the way we can share the fun and enjoyment of a process with someone else. Today I started on an intro sales hook. Here’s the process through pictures. I knew what I was unwrapping, but seeing something on the internet sales site and actually getting are 2 different things.

It's like Christmas!

It all starts with a box I find waiting on my desk when I get home from my weekend road trip. It feels like Christmas almost!

And then we opened it and saw…

Yes, I stood on my chair for this shot.

Aren’t the shells pretty?

I was so tickled they hadn't broken!

The plot thickens...

Corks, small umbrellas, sand?  What could it be? What’s under it?

50 Bottles

Let's put some things inside the bottle!

The dolrod is to help you roll your message so that it will fit inside the bottle. Tying the ribbon was really hard.


Now that I put it together I wish I had two ribbons–one to tie in the middle and one near the top that makes it easier to pick it up.

This is not quite the finished product. It still needs a mailing label.

The message reads:

How likely would this message have been to reach you if it had been set adrift in Lake Claremore?

How likely is your message to reach your customers through traditional means?

Look for a call from Anna Bavido of Magic Bottle Marketing. She would like to talk to you more about ‘bottles’ and (personalized with business name).

I’ll be sending these out just as fast as I can get them put together.