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Are You Having Fun?

6 Jan

We added a family member recently. No, not Jarita. An Xbox. It has captured our hearts quickly and is already part of our routines. However, there is a learning curve, and while you’re climbing it the sound effects sound like this.

“NOO!!! Argh. Die. Die. Die……AHHHH! Where did he come from?! Oh, I died…….I’m out of ammo again!……Not that way! I didn’t say that way! The other way! Come on!”

I haven’t been allowed to capture any of the facial expressions yet. They’re quite amusing.

When the tension gets too high someone not sucked into the game (which is usually me) asks the person in torment “Are you still having fun? Because it’s a game. If you’re not having fun you should quit for now.” Sometimes just the reminder to have fun is enough for the gamer to start having fun again and sometimes they let someone else have a turn.

Business owners, when it comes to social media are you having fun?

First, let me try to convince you it’s fun.

When a customers walk into your store don’t you get a little excited? When you stock a new product aren’t you imagining in your head how your customers are going to react to it? When you land a contract aren’t you pumped to go to town on it? Of course! You love what you do and do what you love! You don’t find customer service a drag and consider store hours a chore. Social media is another way to communicate with customers. It’s a way to share your new product. It lets you communicate your excitement and methods as you tackle that new job. What’s not to have fun with?!

Still don’t feel the fun? Then give me the controller!

I really do love social media. When I’ve been working on something for Magic Bottle Marketing for too long and need to regroup my thoughts I just switch to personal or political social media. I’ve never gotten tired of social media. You can hand the controller to me anytime!

I don’t want you to get the wrong idea and think I’m juvenile with what I do. I know that social media for businesses is not entertainment. It is money-serious and that’s pretty serious. My clients are my job and not a game. But I sure do have a lot of fun with it!

Of course, there’s another reason folks have to drop the Xbox controller: time. Social media isn’t as time consuming as some forms of marketing, but it takes time. Probably the biggest time sucker is the most important part: creation of quality content. I’m hoping my blog writing time will decrease as I get better at it, but I know it will always be  a hefty piece of my week. It’s an investment that’s absolutely worth it, but to continue the investment motif, there’s no shame in hiring a broker. Just because you don’t have time to do social media for your business doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be done. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but if you have tried to take your business social without taking the time and effort to do it right don’t think it’s useless. It’s not the oven’s fault you didn’t follow the cake recipe.

Drop me a line or give me a ring so I can be (double checks her analogies) your fun, baking broker!

Let Me Count the Ways

4 Jan

Apparently, I’m not the only person who occasionally neglects other parts of her life for the chance to do something social online. I will not reveal my sources to protect the guilty. However, I’m not going to chide all of you and myself for this. I’m not saying we don’t deserve some scolding, but I prefer to think creatively.

First off, let me say that I want to find that staircase with several musical friends and play Fur Elise on it! Then, I want us to count the ways we love social media.

  1. Friends–if we tried to spend as much time face-to-face with our friends as we do with them on social media it wouldn’t work. Social media, particularly mobile social media, lets you have your friends with you all the time even when it wouldn’t be feasible for that to happen physically.
  2. Interactive–Why is a piano more fun than an escalator? One reason is that it reacts to us. You step on it and it makes a noise! We thrive off of interactions and social media lets everything be interactive, even things that are usually static such as eating, running on a treadmill, and even waiting in line.
  3. Recorded–perhaps it’s just ego, but we all love to have a record of what we do. This is a big feature of the new Facebook timeline.
  4. Commentary–not only can we record what we do we can provide commentary for what everyone else does!
  5. Global–this isn’t a feature of every social media platform, but it is of quite a few. It’s one of the reasons I love Flickr and Google+ so much and one of the bonuses of Twitter.

All 5 of these things make social media fun. As the video showed us, people will almost always choose fun even if it’s more effort. So, how can we take these features of social media and make them features of things we procrastinate doing? I’m not asking how we can we put housecleaning, exercise, and bill payments on social media, but how can we make these activities friendly, interactive, recorded, commentative, or global? (Yes, I just made up the word ‘commentative’.) How can we make our unwanted tasks fun?

Let’s take Exercise first.

Recording exercise generates excitement about the activity. It motivates  you to hit the gym just so you can record it! Also, you can keep track of your progress and reward it! Means of recording exercise are pretty well known and they do help significantly. I prefer iOS apps that combine food diary with exercise log. Please post links to your favorite books and apps for recording exercise.

I think we Americans think too statically about exercise. A treadmill may not sound like fun to you so you hop on Facebook instead, but what about swing dancing? Swing dancing is done with other people and is very friendly and interactive, like social media. Does horseback riding in the beautiful outdoors sound better than the lap pool? It’s interactive and challenging and all around fun for some! Beats Twitter any day! Besides we can tell Twitter about it afterwords.

Last, how can exercise be global? I practice a style of Okinawan karate. Just my dojo’s organization has schools in Taiwan, the Philippines, Guatemala, Texas, and all over Oklahoma! There’s an even bigger world when I look outside my organization to other karate kai. Another way exercise can be global is through flash mobs on global holidays!

Come on! Who doesn’t want to do that?!

Next, let’s hit Cleaning.

I have started taking a picture of my desk every time I clean it. I usually then post it to Flickr or Facebook. Then everyone compliments me and says I did a good job. What did I do? I recorded it and opened it up for commentary!

My aunt for many years cleaned her kitchen while talking to her best local friend on the phone who was doing the same thing. A friend makes any task more enjoyable, whether you have them over to help or race each other in separate locations.

Can cleaning be global? Have you ever heard of spring cleaning? That’s an entire hemisphere doing the same thing as you! How many other people are putting away Christmas lights on January 1st? Just search for it on Twitter and find out!

What are you procrastinating doing right now by hanging out online instead? Brainstorm here how to make it fun and then maybe we’ll all go do it!