Social Romance

14 Feb

Photo by JD Hancock

Happy Valentine’s Day to all the couples out there! Happy Single Awareness Day to all the rest of you! Here are some ways you can surprise your Valentine using social media! None of these are as good as an in-person kiss or rose, but in conjunction they are quite sweet!

If your love has unlimited texting ask a large group of people (all of your office, your Facebook friends) to send him a text saying that you love him!

Create a board on Pinterest dedicated to your Valentine. Fill it with pictures of things you enjoy doing with her, your favorite pictures of her, or pictures that show her best qualities.

Ask his favorite celebrity Tweeters to tell him in a tweet how much you love him.

Make a funny or quirky Prezi about how the two of you met or your favorite memory together.

Create a music video on YouTube with pictures of her set to her favorite love song.

Post a photo tribute to him on Flickr.

Put just your darling in a circle on Google+. Share it in a post saying that she’s your only one or just this person has your heart. Disable sharing because you intend to keep her!

Create a Facebook fan page for him and list yourself as his #1 fan! If you don’t want to maintain the page year round you can delete it on the 15th.

If your sweetheart has a favorite blog she reads every day ask that blogger to dedicate a post to her.

I would love to hear your Valentine’s Day plans!


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  1. trowbridgemarvin1949 February 14, 2012 at 1:33 pm #

    Lasting relationships are no accident:

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