24 Jan

Photo by Tim Feig

I spent all of last week in Stratford, Wisconsin, the childhood home of my new sister-in-law Jarita (Kulp) Bavido! As appropriate for a wedding, the whole week was filled with all kinds of love—words, promises, actions, abiding presence, old, y0ung, new, and proven. Here are a few pictures of some of the love.

This is the Chinese character for love. Since both bride and groom are fluent in Chinese and living in Taiwan AND in love it was a very appropriate theme. This particular photo shows how the character decorated the not-quite-finished bride’s cake.

Photo by Janet Bavido

It was wonderful to get to know the Kulps better. I found that they are very artistic and have a great love of craftsmanship. For instance, here is Reuben Kulp, Jarita’s grandfather, making a miniature wagon wheel. He sells model carriages, wagons, and harnesses, fitted to whatever type of toy horse you have. Check out his eBay listings!

Photo by Janet Bavido

I was also impressed by these pastry dishes made by Laura Kulp. I love to see everyday things done with care and art!

Photo by Janet Bavido

This isn’t the best photo artistically, but the lanterns are another representation of love! There were 100s of them in the decorations and each is a message from friends of the couple that were not able to make the trip from Taiwan for the ceremony. It was amazing too to see how quickly social media got pictures and notes from the ceremony to these friends!

Both immediate families together!

We clean up pretty good, don’t we? This is not from the official photographer and doesn’t include Jarita’s brother-in-law, nephew, and niece. When we get copies from the photographers I’ll swap them out with this photo.

Photo by Bob Kulp

This is Jarita with her grandmother, Pauline Kulp. Aren’t they both so beautiful?! They’re that beautiful inside too!

Creative Director: Jarita Kulp Camera Owner: Bob Kulp Photographer: ???

This photo was Jarita’s idea and I’m in awe of it! She and the bridesmaids had such a fun time doing it!

These outside pictures happened so fast! Cold is a great motivator!

Photo by Tim Feig


Jarita loves surprises so Samuel kept the honeymoon a secret from her. As a member of the inner circle (hehehe!), I knew that he was carrying her off to Hawaii!

Thanks for reading this off-topic ‘Personal Stuff’ post! More pictures will be up on my personal Facebook, if you’re interested!


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  1. Reuben Kulp April 26, 2012 at 8:24 am #

    Hi, I just googled my name (Reuben Kulp) and this came up, I never heard of MBM, Sounds Interesting, Need to know more about it.

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