Cat is Out of the Bag!

9 Dec

Today I posted this on all of my personal social networks.

I have an announcement!

::drumroll:: ::trumpet flare::

I’m starting a business! I will be providing social media contract services for local businesses and nonprofits at tiered rates. I will be doing this on top of my usual (and hopefully growing!) political activities/work.

For more info and other social networks Magic Bottle Marketing is on see!

Many heartfelt thanks to Julie Dermody, Samuel Bavido, Chera Davidson, and everyone else that is supporting me in this endevour!

I find it strange that this step was difficult. I’m so excited about this effort! I love my town and I love social media. I’m good at it and very confident that I can give a boost to any business. Some of it is just stage fright, I’m sure.  On the other hand, I haven’t felt the least bit jittery in telling perfect strangers that I’m starting a business. I think I’m nervious because these are the people who really matter.

I cannot make everyone happy. I can’t listen to everyone’s opinion. Quite simply, I can’t care most of the time because most people don’t care about me. The people that do care about me though? I care a lot about what they think. They are people I highly respect and value. They’re there for me in a pinch–always have, always will. It very much matters to me that they approve of what I’m doing.

To help calm myself I flipped the situation. What if one of these people started a new business? I would be thrilled! I would do whatever I could to help it succeed. And I know they’re going to do the same. I have an amazing group of people supporting me and with that in mind I’m even more excited to dive in and see Magic Bottle Marketing take off like a rocket!


One Response to “Cat is Out of the Bag!”

  1. Danna December 9, 2011 at 8:07 pm #

    Anna I am so proud of you for “jumping” into this endeavor!! You are a very gifted and talented young lady, you touch everyone’s life that you come in contact with! I know you will go far with this, because of your hard work and determination!! Just think of ALL the people you will come into contact with, they will become better people just for working with you, and you putting your knowledge and compassion into THEM, they will then have been blessed not only by your intellect but your inspiration as well!!!

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