2 Dec

Which is easier?

–500 Facebook likes

–1,000 Facebook likes

Believe it or not, 500 likes on Facebook is harder. Put it another way, 0 to 500 is harder because you start at 0. 500 to 1,000 is easier because you have 500 individual networks on Facebook working for you. This is called momentum.

Let’s take the same concept and look at it in different mediums. Are you more likely to stop and watch a juggler on the street when there are 2 other people watching or when there are 10 people already there? Obviously, you’re more likely to stop and see what the crowd is looking at. If you’re cynical you could conclude that we are mindlessly following each other. I personally take a practical view of it. I’m increasing my productivity by using other people’s responses as a filter.

In a soapbox derby you can run faster than your box is going at the top of the hill. It might be tempting to jump out and start running. By the bottom of the hill though your friends in soap boxes will be zipping past you.

Conclusion: don’t give up on your social media just because your blog has no comments and your Facebook insights is one blue flat line. Gaining momentum takes time. Be patient!


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