2 Dec

Yesterday (or very early this morning) I talked about momentum in social media. I used the analogy of being patient at the top of the hill during a soap box derby. Today let’s talk about not getting out of the box.

If you don’t post no one will follow/circle/like/add you! We can talk about focusing on interaction and engagements and the balance of original material versus links all day long, but it’s all pointless if you don’t have anything to interact about or a number of posts to balance. Think about it from a customer’s viewpoint.

What keeps us from posting regularly then?

1. Perfectionism/Fear of Failure

In one of my favorite movies Chariots of Fire Harold Abrahams is having a childish meltdown over losing a race and his girlfriend Sybil Gordon is giving him tough love. Harold says “If I can’t win I won’t run.” Sybil responds with her 2nd best* line of the movie “If you don’t run you can’t win.”

My rule of thumb is that quality is better than quantity but consistency is more important than quality. There are many other adages that could be applied here. “Carpe Diem!” “Practice makes perfect.” Pick your favorite and dive in! You might have seen echoes of my own personal struggles with this in my first post on this blog.

2. BIC Time

You can tell how serious you are about something by how much time you give it. How do you know your boyfriend is serious about you? He spends time with you. BIC Time is a phrase I learned from the Oklahoma Science-Fiction and Fantasy Writers (OSFW) group. It means Butt In Chair. It’s key to all writing—novels, blogs, or even just 140 character tweets.

3. Independent Motivation

If you are motivated purely by others’ praise and attention social media is not for you. There are ups and downs and you need a reason to get through the downs. You have to enjoy social media for its own sake. You have to take pleasure in a job well done whether it garnered comments or not. Can you enjoy the interactions and find them galvanizing? Absolutely, but you can’t be dependent on it.

This post will be very good for me. I will have to be most regular in all of my social media. And rest assured, I will be 100% dependable and consistent in my clients’ social media. It’s what I do, after all!

*Sybil Gordon’s best line is from the same scene. “Try growing up!” 🙂


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