Big Fish in a Small Pond

29 Nov

In case you haven’t noticed, this blog is not Mashable or the Next Web or Tech Crunch. You are not going to hear the scoop on the latest SEO algorithims before anyone else knows. I will not be authoring the definitive guide to the next social media fad. What will you see then?

Application and use of social media: because we would rather be shown than told. This will usually be very specific to the networks that Magic Bottle Marketing provides services and specific to business uses of social media. Basically, it will be geared towards my customers.

Local Scene: Magic Bottle Marketing exists to serve local businesses and as such I’m very interested in the local scene, Rogers county and Claremore specifically. I want my customers to know that I understand their environment and their customers. And I love where I live, so it’s fun to talk about!

Business Practices: explanation of why I do what I do or how I do business. This will be both practical things I’m doing now and things I want to do or emulate with Magic Bottle Marketing.

Customers: they make my world go round so of course I will be writing about them!

Personal stuff: this will be rare but it will happen, especially for big things like my brother getting married in January or my sister’s new apartment. It will let you know that there is a real, live person with a life behind Magic Bottle Marketing.

All of these can be found in categories along with 2 other categories—That’s Good and That’s Bad. The dos and do-nots can overlap several of the above categories, so they got their own.

All of this adds up to one thought in my mind: I want to be a big fish in a small pond. I don’t want to hang with the Pete Cashmores and Vic Gundotras of the world. After all, I don’t know them or value them personally. Now the small pond of Rogers county? These are people I care about very much and I would rather be an expert help to them than any 1,000s of other social media geeks in San Fransisco.


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