Ornery Streak

28 Nov

I have a big, wide ornery streak in me. It is traditionally blamed on my Scottish heritage, although being part of an educational minority (homeschoolers) is probably a bigger factor. It makes me very averse to fashion to start with, which also doubles as a money-saving characteristic. Traditions and trends have a hard time winning me over. I hate catching bouquets at weddings. I have never gotten into Black Friday shopping simply because everyone else is doing it. A lot of this boils down to me hating being told what to do without being given a reason.

I’ve been surprised at how common and accepted it is in social media to tell people what to do with no explanation. How many times a day do you see things like “Please share to public” and ” like if you agree”. Why do they ask these things?

  • Like if you agree! (Facebook’s algorithims uses likes to help decide what stories show near the top in feeds–it’s just self-promotion)
  • Reshare to public! (More exposure for them, higher ripple marks–again self-promotion)
  • Copy and paste this to your status. (All the warm fuzzies of having done something good without any effort or actual good accomplished)
  • +1 if you agree (Carry over from Facebook. Google+ doesn’t have stream algorithims like Facebook. So, it’s ignorant self-promotion)
  • Please RT/RT if you agree (Again, more exposure and self-promotion)
  • RT this to get 80 bazillion followers! (Sure, if you want a high number of followers who never interact with you to stare at)

All of these have variants with guilt trips attached. Following their instructions helps them, gives you nothing, and requires no thought or engagement. If you talk to anyone who is succesful with social media (whether personally or for business), they’re going to tell you engagement (and associated keywords like conversation, interaction, relationship, community…) is key. Do any of these tricks facilitate conversation? Do they foster community? Do they help you to interact with people? Do they build a relationship? How about an even older catchphrase? Quality over quantity.

Now that I’ve provided reasons that benefit you, I’ll issue the order. Do not activate your customers’ ornery streaks!


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