Black Friday Uses of Social Media

26 Nov

When I was traveling for the holiday yesterday I made a list of all the ways social media can integrate with Black Friday beyond plastering ‘Like Us on Facebook!’ on every end cap. Here are the best ones.

  1. Give discount coupons to the first 10 or 25 people who check-in to your venue on Foursquare on Black Friday.
  2. Create a Foursquare event associated with your venue.
  3. Have an employee walk the line before the store opens with a tablet and ask people to log into their social network account to connect with you there. They’re in line, so they have nothing else to do.
  4. Ask customers to tweet or share on Facebook what deals they find. With proper link tracking you could even track which people have friends buy from that post and reward that customer.
  5. If there’s a particular sale item you’re promoting put a QR sticker on its display that functions like the Tweet and Like buttons on this post.
  6. Have a celebratory hangout with your customers on G+ while they’re in line.
  7. If you’re part of a chain or franchise have a Google+ hangout corner in each of your stores where people can step in front of the camera and say hello to customers in other locations.
  8. Ask customers to share to their social networks their total savings at your store. (actually, this would be good to have year round…)
  9. Before Black Friday crowdsource your specials through social media by putting up live voting or a poll that lets customers decide which items will be part of Black Friday sales.
  10. Have specials or deals that are only available to customers that have connected with you on social media. How is this different from sending your social customers a coupon code? It will be a physical spot in your store that will provoke your nonsocial customers to envy and then they will connect with you online!
  11. Remember to use appropriate hashtags on Twitter: #BlackFriday #BFDeals and so forth
  12. Make a Facebook event for Black Friday. Send each ‘attending’ RSVP a coupon code.
  13. Build a Google+ circle of Black Friday power shoppers nationwide and share that circle sometime earlier during the week.
  14. Build a Google+ circle of local businesses (your teammates, not your competitors) who are doing Black Friday sales and share it the Wednesday before.
  15. Try the same with Foursquare lists.
  16. Make your own Black Friday Twitter list and try to get on similar influential lists.
  17. Send a code to every customer who complains about the commercialism of Black Friday or who declares he’s doing Buy Nothing Day. If he uses it on Black Friday charge him 10% more and if he uses it after give him 10% off. 🙂
  18. The best way to discourage bad behavior is to crowd it out with encouragement of good behavior, right? Give everyone, employees and customers, +1 stickers to hand out to helpful employees and polite customers.

You get to come up with numbers 19 and 20 to round the list out!

Bookmark this post for next year!


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