Corporate Gratitude

23 Nov

I hope all of us are taking time this week to give thanks for all the good things in our lives. Our minds naturally jump to the most important things in our lives–family friends, health… Have you thought to be grateful for your customers though?

Your customers don’t have to buy from you. When they buy from you they don’t have to be polite to you. They don’t have to be loyal to you. If there’s any kid of reward for being polite or loyal it’s minimal and doesn’t excuse away our need to be grateful. People are good to us business owners because they’re good people, plain and simple.

We really would be nothing without them. Our prestige in the community, our professional reputation, our livelihoods that support our families, our job satisfaction—all of that is due to our customers.

I’m not suggesting we all run handout ‘customer appreciation’ coupons. I think we need to have a sincere attitude of gratefulness to customers. After all, you can’t put a pricetag on what they do for you, so don’t try. Maybe the best thing is to just tell them ‘Thank you!’

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