Shove that Perfectionest to the Starting Line!

22 Nov

Things are changing here at Magic Bottle Marketing every day! Not all of it is visible from the front end, but from this end it’s exciting! For instance, today…

  • First posts went up on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+
  • Hootsuite account was setup (I’ve been using Hootsuite personally and politically for a while, but this one is just for Magic Bottle Marketing)
  • Top secret planning took place (shhh!!)
  • Intro sales materials ordered (pictures soon!)

And that was just today!

At the same time, so much still needs to be done! I need business cards, a +1 button, more market research… This website is nowhere near what I want yet. I don’t have the profile picture right on Google+ yet. It’s simply not perfect yet and I won’t rest until it is. However, I’m not going to sit still until it is. I can’t wait for everything to be perfect to start moving forward on parts of it. Face it, if I waited until I was perfectly happy with even just my website before I started approaching businesses as potential customers this little bird of a dream would never fly.

So, today I threatened my perfectionest side severaly, screwed up my courage, and did all my first posts, including this first blog post. And I feel much better for having done it. The unknown is scary. Once you start it’s not nearly as bad as you think.


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